In Home Service: Why SmartStep is changing the Industry

The Issue with office locations

Traditionally, hearing aid providers have physical office locations that clients visit in order to receive their hearing aids, hearing aid discovery tests, repair hearing aids, and more. However, the storefront business model comes with a surprising amount of problems for many clients. Going to an office location can be very difficult and often frustrating. Finding and arranging transportation, parking, uneven walkways and crowds of people can all be obstacles. In addition, the overhead expenses of an office might add to the cost of your product. These issues that can occur at a physical office location is a recurring problem for many clients. However, SmartStep Hearing offers a simple solution to this common issue.

SmartStep Hearings Solution

SmartStep Hearing offers a simple solution by offering in-home service. Rather than clients coming to a SmartStep office location, SmartStep travels to the clients! SmartStep Hearing will schedule an appointment with you and then arrive at your home at the scheduled time. SmartStep offers all of the same services and testing that you would find at a conventional office location. Clients benefit from the flexibility of choosing convenient appointment times that fit their needs.

Thank You For Choosing SmartStep Hearing

We hope that you consider choosing SmartStep Hearing’s five star customer rated in-home service for your next appointment. If you’d like to schedule an appointment you can contact SmartStep by calling or emailing.

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